Epson Printer Customer Care Phone Number

Epson Printer Customer Care Phone Number


Epson is a popular brand when it comes to the printers and a large number of people are dependent upon its services. However you can face certain difficulties while managing your Epson printer for which you can require the Epson Printer Customer Care Phone Number. There can be initially a problem with setting up the printer. You can undertake the method by following the pointers given below-

  • Insert the CD in the driver to undertake the process through your CD drive. The setups will initialize by itself in such a case.
  • There is one other way to install the drivers is through internet download. You can go to the official website of Epson and carry out this procedure.
  • Then a window will flash and prompt you to choose the procedure through which you want to finish the installation. Select the WLAN option to set the using your wireless router. Make sure that the network configuration has been properly done in this case.
  • Go to your printer and then press the Menu button. Once you press on the Menu button, select the Network option.  

Then press the subsequent option named as WLAN. Mention the printer name along with the password. Once you are done filling these particulars, press the OK button.

  • Once you press OK, you will be able to form a link through your system.  
  • There are times when your Firewall can interfere with the process so make sure that you are free from the hurdle of the firewall before setting up the printer.

If there are problems related to the setup then you can contact the Epson Customer Care Phone Number.

This is how you can setup a printer using the USB connection-

  • Begin the whole process by placing the printer on a hygienic and a flat surface. Ensure that the power socket is easily accessible from a distance where you can easily manage the printer.
  • It should also be placed carefully in a way which makes it easier to be attached with a device. You should also have ample amount of energy flowing through the circuit.
  • Next, you have to plug in your USB printer to the system and turn on the printer. Then click the windows button and go to the Settings or Control Panel. Then click on the Devices option. Reach the devices tagline and then tap the option which says Printers and Scanners. Then conduct a scan to locate the printer.
  • In case your system automatically detects the machine, then you just need to tap on it and the installation process will begin itself.
  • However, you need to go to the I can’t find the printer option if it is not detected automatically. In this case troubleshoot the issue and for this reason you can even contact the Epson Customer Care Phone Number.
  • Then go to the official website of Epson and look for the drivers related to the printer. You need to mention the Printer Model and your OS version for that purpose. A download link will be generated once your particulars have been acknowledged.

There can be problems while setting up the formation between the printer and the system. There can be issues related to the installation of drivers. Some of the issues are listed below-

  • Installer unable to launch. Your driver packaged file is unable to load and the installation doesn’t even begin. This can happen if the file is damaged; it can also be a result of faulty registry entries and files. You have to download the packaged file again in this case.  
  • Installer freezing at the last moment. There are instances when the installer has transport most of the files but shuts down just before wrapping up the whole process. This situation can also come into the fray if the current version of the drivers is incompatible with your device or the file has been buried among the heap of folders.
  • Installer unable to trace the printer. The installer is sometimes not able to find the printer for which you want to install the drivers. It can happen if an error surfaces related to the version of the drivers.

There are other issues too which can impede your printer’s efficiency. The issues that can hamper your print related operations are listed below-

  • Slow printing speed of the printer. Sometimes your printer works at an atrocious rate and this can become annoying if you are undertaking a bulk printing job. In these cases, there can be a problem with the version of the drivers that are installed in your device.
  • Low quality image output. At times the pictures generated through your printer can have a highly compromised quality. You can see curved lines, blurry marks and a number of shadows. This can occur if your ink cartridge hasn’t been setup properly or if the original image has an extremely high resolution, which can require some adjustment.
  • Device unable to locate the printer. There are times when your system is unable to find the printer despite you constantly scanning for the printer. There can be a problem with the drivers or if there is an error in the configuration.  
  • False low-ink alarm. Sometimes your printer displays false low ink warnings sometimes even when you are having an ample amount of ink in the reserves. It can happen if the quality of the ink cartridges is not of a high level. Hence you need to buy authentic ink cartridges.
  • Paper jamming. Paper jam is the mother of all problems. You can face this nagging issue for a number of reasons. It can happen if there is some scrap material stuck inside the inlets of your printer.  You can also come across this problem if your paper hasn’t been properly inserted with respect to the paper tray. You should also see if there is a moisture on your paper as the printer can only print using the dry paper. In this case, you can require the help of Epson Customer Care Phone Number.

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